Real Estate- Flip

This Form is for declaring specific data about the Asset you wish to acquire. This information is highly considered in the Application process and is also the information that will be public upon approval of your application

Note: Real Estate- Flip is only available to those who currently own the property. Proof of ownership will be required, please email  us proof with subject line:

"Your name", RE-Flip, Proof of Ownership


Accepted methods of Proof of Ownership:

  • Recent Mortgage Statement
  • Recent Utility Bill
  • Current Drivers License with given address

Although separate from this form, the form will not be considered complete until both the form is submitted and the proof of ownership received.

Note: Keep in mind that the higher the goal of your Asset Crowdfund will be, the higher the minimum monthly payment. Which will mean that it won't be likely that you can Leverage Profits (a huge incentive for investors to invest in you). 

This form will not be accepted incomplete!

Name *
You may have your name put onto your Opportunity for others to see. This is available so that you can automatically start building trust with investors. If not, you will be labeled as "Anonymous" on your opportunity.
Call your Opportunity whatever you like! Keep in mind that informal names may attract less attention than formal ones
This amount gets directly added to your monthly fee, but is also the extra amount promised to your investors. For every $100, your Investors can expect over a 1% annual increase in their returns. This is how you create a competitive edge over other Opportunities. (The max amount of profits that you can leverage are dependent on your current credit and assets.)
Location of Property *
Location of Property
1 for a Single-family, 2 for a Duplex, or more as is accurate.
or Average Bedrooms per unit
or Average Bathrooms per unit
Unapproved Do-It-Yourself work, although cheap for the previous owner, could cost an arm and a leg to repair to you in the future. Note:Learn to identity quality work, or have somebody who has Professional experience along.
Without any plans to fix-it-up, would you live in it as is?
Here you will name your personal mentors, knowledge material, and references.
This is your opportunity to explain details about the property, or even yourself. That aren't included above.
Checkbox *
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