What is an Investment Opportunity

  • These are the funds posted by Premium members and the heart of the Asset Crowdfunding process
    • Premium members are required to submit to a credit check and several forms upon requesting to post
    • Premium members are also required to have 20% of the Crowdfunding total in liquid assets
  • Investors are required to invest in increments of whole percentages, for a minimum of 1% to a max of 80% of the Investment Opportunity

The Initial Process

After registering an actively paying premium membership, you now have the option to create an Investment Opportunity. Here are the steps needed to come up with, create, and realize the process.

1. What is the Investment Opportunity for

Your answer will have to be to fund some form of Asset. More specifically it will have to fall under one of these Asset types

  • Real Estate: Rental
    • Purpose: to purchase real estate for the intent of collecting rent over a long period of time
  • Real Estate: Flip
    • Purpose: for the intent of increasing value of a property you own and turning for a quick profit
  • Business: Initial
    • Purpose: to help your business get off the ground
  • Business: Boost
    • Purpose: your business is already producing a profit but you need capital to expand your business

Ok, so do you have your answer? and it fits into one of the above? Good, now for the next step.

2. Time to do your homework

What!? Homework!? That's right, in order for your Investment Opportunity to do more good than harm, we need to do some homework. Just three simple assignments will do.

Lesson: Nothing exist without risk, but the more you know, the less risk you make. In other words, Knowledge is Power.

  • Your first assignment: Learn from the experts.

The experts are people who have already achieved Financial Independance and want to pass down their knowledge to you, so you can learn from their mistakes and improve on their successes. These people have a financial support system that can support them without them actively working in a job. They don't have to be big names and could even be living in your own neighborhood.

Note: Thanks to modern technology, you can listen to books on-the-go with Audiobooks, watch videos online, play games designed to teach Financial Literacy, or even find financial coaches (coaches will normally require a decent payout, so we recommend you exhaust all other options first)

Reminder: The best advice you should take are self-help tools, because in the end, you are what makes the system work. Other advice can be outdated, not true, or even downright illegal.

  • Your Second assignment: Balance your books

This is your "Due Diligence", where you do the math, and ensure that you have done everything that needs to be done, has been done. If you don't know where to even start, don't be afraid to ask around and find someone who has been in your shoes. Even if they weren't successful, you can learn what they did wrong.

-At this point, if you haven't already, balance your own books. Here is a start.

    • Get excited! You're freeing yourself so that you can chase down your dreams and open up paths that people around you might never have expected. Surround yourself with people who will encourage and support you by giving you constructive criticism. Once you learn the basics and you actually get started, it can get pretty fun!
    • Hold yourself to it, Motivation is great for short boosts of productivity, but discipline means you're in it for the long run. Does it mean you have to give something up? Not necessarily, learn good time management skills and you can have it too.

Lesson: People who "can't" solve a problem, simply stopped thinking about how you "can" solve a problem. If you "can" do it, your brain will stay active and it's far more likely that you will solve the problem. There's more than one way to crack an egg...

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