Our Start

The pursuit of happiness, in principle, has been in existence at the very least since the days of Socrates and continues on, to all our hopes, to the future before us.

As a young Airman, before that long 22 hour drive to my first duty station in 2013 my Dad gave me a series of audiobooks concerning financial literacy, education; and best of all, financial independence. Since then I was inspired by the idea, alongside the community I became a part of, and this new method called Crowdfunding. That idea and inspiration grew into what is now known as Pursuit of Happiness LLC.

My Pursuit

We live in a world where it can be a sign of weakness to rely on others, but if it weren’t for the people in my life, I can confidently say. I wouldn’t be where I am today. The values of teamwork and professionalism I learned from my military career. Alongside the loving upbringing of my family. Has helped me develop into a person that can achieve the goals set before me. To lead from the front alongside those with me.

My point is, together, we can achieve amazing things. We can raise skyscrapers to the skies and put men in space and even on the moon.

So together, we can achieve the ability to chase what our hearts desire.

True Independence To Chase Your Dreams

Financial Independence is when money you don’t work for, pays your bills and all your required necessities. This helps you to achieve your dream.

We all have dreams and I can confidently say that although some may be similar, your dream is yours and yours alone. Some dream do not come cheap, and maybe yours doesn’t either. Maybe your dream doesn’t take much, but your dream is what makes you happy.


Can take that away from you.

But no matter who you are, your dream is that much easier to achieve and keep when you are financially independent.

My name is Robert Clayton Gates, and Pursuit of Happiness LLC and Pohfinancial is how I am gonna help people pursue their dreams.

Special Thanks to...

Our friends and family who have supported me through all our years and struggles.

The role models and heroes whom we respect and learned invaluable lessons from.

The 3rd-party members who have provided the means to accomplish our goals.

and you, because as corny as it is to say it, you are the reason we are here.

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