• Crowdfunding
  • Assets
  • Financial Independence
  • Net Operating Income
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Leveraged Profits





  • An economic resource that is capable of being owned or controlled to produce value and has a positive economic value
  • Assets are items that produce profits consistently and with little effort on your end
    • Your house is not an Asset, without alot of personal effort, it will not generate much, if any, profits
    • A Rental Property that you own, is an Asset, it WILL generate profits with little to no personal effort on your part



  • When the profits from your Assets pay for the necessities in your life
    • For example: Your Mortgage/Rent, Your Car, Your Bills, Your Food, etc


Net Operating Income

  • This is a common term that you will see, generally referring to Real Estate
  • This number is the total profit a property makes after taking into account all expenses.
    • or example:

Total Income: $60,000

Total Expenses: $45,000

Net Operating Income: $15,000



  • These are the offerings posted by Premium members and the heart of the Equity Crowdfunding process
    • Premium members are required to submit to a credit check and several forms upon requesting to post, adhering to a legal requirements
    • Premium members are also required to have 20% of the Crowdfunding total as liquid assets. 
  • Investors are required to invest in increments of whole percentages, for a minimum of 1% to a max of 100% of the Investment Opportunity (Special rules apply to Opportunities above $100,000)


Leveraged Profits

  • A Program that a Crowdfunder may opt into.
    • The Crowdfunder volunteers to pay an extra amount on top of the Minimum Monthly Payment. This amount is based on their current Financial Situation and not on their potential income after successfully Crowdfunding an Investment Opportunity.
    • This amount directly affects the Investors Return on Investment (RoI). Increasing an Annual RoI from as low as 3.86% to 50% or even higher.
    • This is specifically put in place to encourage a strong competitive market that works in favor of the Investor.
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